Josie Plex (josieplex) wrote in andrea_marr,
Josie Plex


Hi I'm new! I love the movie Girl so much. I was watching it the other night and I realized how much I love it. I like the book too but I think the movie is better. I mostly love the movie cause of the music. the Color Green music is just amazing. I found this site where you can hear all the songs from the real band Color Green but they only have their own versions of the songs Todd Sparrow sang. I'd love to find the Todd versions.

I really like Andrea she reminds me of Angela in MSCL. I know that it was strong of her to say no to being with Todd in the end cause she was going to Brown but couldn't she have been with him til the end of the summer or something? So that the movie would have been a bit longer lol
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