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okay, here's a question for you guys... how many of you people have actually read the book? i mean, i haven't seen the movie yet, but i'm not really sure if i want to. i'm thinking it'll really let me down. especially after hearing that blake thought it "kinda sucked". so yeah, how many readers have we got here?

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Im new here. Ive only ever seen the movie, though I have all of John Kahn's band The Color Greens music. He is great.

I want to read the book really bad but can not find it. Where did everyoen get their copys?

Hey guys :)

Do any of you know where I can find songs from the movie? I love the songs that 'The Color Green' do, and I'd love to find out who actually performs them, whether there is any soundtrack anywhere, and if not, where I can find them. Thanks!
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Just joined :)

I too love 'Girl'. I actually love the movie, and only kinda like the book... maybe it's because I had seen the movie so many times before readingthe book and they are so different.
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Wow i cant believe i found a community for this! I came across it by complete accident too. Nice suprise :)

Im Lynx, im 18 and live in Toronto.

I have the movie and the book.

Does anyone know of anyother books/movies with the same type of theme or anything?? ive been looking around for some.
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I read the book 'Girl' and after that i went out and watched the movie. Of course, i loved it. That was a couple of years ago and i sorta forgot about it. Well anyway, my friend and i were driving around town and she said 'Hey you know what i watched this movie ages ago... and i just remembered it and i have decided its actually your life! it's like.. about this girl and she like... discovers groupie-ness or somethin...' and i was like 'um... ok' and she starts mumbling to herself 'bird... boy bird.. bob bird? Woman bird... finch?!' and i laughed and it suddenly clicked 'Todd Sparrow! You're thinking about the movie 'girl' you idiot!' and she was like 'YEAH!!! You're so her!!! That's your life right now!' well. i couldn't really remember it, so we decided to go out and hire it again and watch it. It was so funny because... honestly that movie really does reflect my life at the moment... although i prefer not to call myself a groupie. It's not a Bonnie-friendly term. hehe. Anyways, luv the movie but luvd the book more. keep it real fellow girl-luvrz!
Peace, XxX oOo
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hey. in the movie, andrea says this really cute quote but i can't find it anywhere online.

does anyone know what she says when she's in the car with rebecca and that guy after the show and she says something like "and maybe.. just maybe that smile was for me" what does she say before that?

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I made some icons of Dominique Swain. Hopefully someone here can put good use to some of them. ;x

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The year is almost over and i have only read Girl once. I usually read it at least 2 times. I'll be 25 this upcoming year, which means i have been reading girl for almost 10 years, at least 2 times a year...so i have read it more than 20 times.

Am i crazy?


heyy!! tarah here. *waves* i'm new to livejournal, i usually use deadjournal. so i figured i'd look for some communities to join. how cool, they have one for the movie girl ;D that's def. thee best movie ever.

this is my favorite quote from the movie;

"i couLd never decide what was more interesting, the people who became groupies or the people who attracted them. i got lost once on a road similar to this one and when i found my way aqain i realized that a groupie wasn't such a bad thing. it just meant you wanted or admired something you saw in someone else. i just never thought someone else might see something in me"

well that's all for now. later <33
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